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A sham
is a SELL in street parlance. “Sold again, and got the money,” a
patterer cries after having successfully deceived somebody. Shakspeare
uses SELLING in a similar sense, viz., blinding or deceiving. Screw, an unsound or broken-down horse, that requires both whip and
spur to get him along. So called from the screw-like manner in which
his ribs generally show through the skin. Scran, pieces of meat, broken victuals.

An Americanism, originating in the letters U.S. on the
knapsacks of the United States’ soldiers, which letters were jocularly
said to be the initials of Uncle Sam (the Government), who pays for
all. In use in this country as early as 1827. Real jam, a sporting phrase, meaning anything exceptionally good. It
is said to be REAL JAM for those who back a horse at a long price,
when the animal wins, or comes to a short figure. Queer cuffen, a justice of the peace, or magistrate,—a very ancient
term, mentioned in the earliest slang dictionary.

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Both words
are slang terms on the Stock Exchange, and are frequently used in the
business columns of newspapers. Bamboozle, to deceive, make fun of, or cheat a person; abbreviated to
BAM, which is sometimes used also as a substantive—a deception, a
sham, a “sell.” Swift says BAMBOOZLE was invented by a nobleman
in the reign of Charles II.; but this is very likely an error. The
probability is that a nobleman then first used it in polite society. The
term is derived from the Gipsies.

hush coin price

Term in this sense much used by
thieves. Lavender, “to be laid up in LAVENDER;” to be in pawn; to be
out of the way for an especial purpose. From the practice among
housewives of placing LAVENDER in drawers in which linen and clothes
are to be kept for any period.

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Johnson describes
JOB as a low word, without etymology. It is, and was, however, a
cant word; and a JOB, two centuries ago, was an arranged robbery. Even at the present day it is mainly confined to the streets, in the
sense of employment for a short time. Amongst undertakers a JOB
signifies a funeral; “to do a JOB,” conduct any one’s funeral; “by
the JOB,” i.e., piece-work, as opposed to time-work. A JOB in political
phraseology is a Government office or contract, obtained by secret
influence or favouritism.

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Probably a variation
of the metaphorical expressions, “in, or out of harness,” i.e., in
or out of work—the horse being in collar when harnessed for his work. Collar work is any very hard work, from the expression among drivers. Any uphill journey is said to be all “COLLAR work” for the horses.

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Each tosses up a coin, and if two come
down head, and one comes tail, or vice versâ, the ODD MAN loses or
wins, as may have been agreed upon. Frequently used to victimize
a “flat.” If all be alike, then the toss goes for nothing, and the
coppers are again “skied.” It is easy for two men to arrange matters
beforehand at this game, and so swindle a third. Newgate Knocker, the term given to the lock of hair which costermongers
and thieves usually twist back towards the ear. The shape
is supposed to resemble the knocker on the prisoners’ door at Newgate—a
resemblance that carries a rather unpleasant suggestion to the
wearer. Sometimes termed a COBBLER’S KNOT, or COW-LICK. Occasionally applied to those men who
cleanse the sewers, and who wear great boots and sou’-wester hats.

Used as an exclamation at a fight, it
means to strike on the head. In tossing it is a direction to hide the
head; to be “off one’s NUT,” to be crazed or idiotic. Noser, a hard blow, leading to a bloody or contused nose.—Pugilistic.

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Generally used to express anything dishonestly
taken. Whale, “very like a WHALE,” said of anything that is very improbable. Waterman, a blue silk handkerchief. The friends of the Oxford and
Cambridge boats’ crews always wear these—light blue for Cambridge,
and a darker shade for Oxford. Veneer, the artificiality of society, conventionality.

hush coin price

It is often full of the most pungent satire, and is always to the
point. Without point Slang has no raison d’être. Turning attention more to the Cant of modern times, in connexion
with the old, it will be found that words have been[20]
drawn into the thieves’ vocabulary from every conceivable
source. Hard or infrequent words, vulgarly termed “crack-jaw,”
or “jaw-breakers,” were very often used and considered as Cant
terms. And here it should be mentioned that at the present
day the most inconsistent and far-fetched terms are often used
for secret purposes, when they are known to be caviare to the
million. It is but fair, however, to assume
that the compiler of the dictionary was but trading on the demand
for Cant phrases, and was humbugging his readers.

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  • Dummy, in three-handed whist the person who holds two hands plays
  • Twopenny-halfpenny, paltry, insignificant.
  • “Two forty on a plank road,” a once favourite
    expression with a similar meaning, derived from a feat of the famous
    trotting mare Flora Temple, has died out since trotting has become
    faster, and courses have been prepared on a different principle.
  • Stag, a term applied during the railway mania to a speculator without
    capital, who took “scrip” in proposed lines, got the shares up to a
    premium, and then sold out.
  • Pierce Egan was very fond of the
  • Term in general use
    amongst costermongers, cabmen, and old-fashioned people.

On p. 195, “the blue jackets wont” has been left as printed. Footnote 27 (“See Dictionary”) is referred to three times; links to the three entries concerned have been added to the text. sprtz P. 885, that an edition bearing the
date 1565 is in existence, and that the compiler was no other than old John
Audley, the printer, himself. This conjecture, however, is very doubtful.

Hush is a community project. Everyone is welcomed with open arms!

From the notoriety which
attended the fraud, and the magnitude of the swindle, any one who cheated or
defrauded was said to chiaous, or chause, or CHOUSE; to do, that is, as this
Chiaous had done.”—See Trench, Eng. Choakee, or CHOKEY, the black hole.—Military Anglo-Indian. Chokey is also very vulgar slang for prison. Chive, a knife; also used as a verb, to knife. In all these cases the word
is pronounced as though written CHIV or CHIVVY. Chive, or CHIVEY, a shout, a halloo, or cheer; loud tongued.

hush coin price

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